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The Concept

Artmod has made it its task to contribute to the promotion of a sustainable consciousness and memory of significant buildings and works of art.

Instead of the usual production of souvenirs, Artmod offers a scaled reduction of the original, appropriate to the building or work of art.

Since architecture and art are always an expression of history, objects from Artmod include information about the historic contexts of the originals.

Alongside scale models of detailed reproductions, Artmod also designs objects with unusual effects. Formal elements of an original are transformed with the possibilities of new materials to produce a unique formal language.

With selected objects, Artmod also wants to remember the architecture, art and philosophy of the classical modern of the 1920s, to which many of today’s architects and artists refer.

The object ideas are developed by Artmod. Together with artists, model makers and application engineers, a prototype is created, which is then mass produced using computer-assisted milling cutters (CNC), various materials, moulded resin processes and comprehensive expert knowledge and techniques.

The Artmod online shop offers souvenirs of buildings visited and works of art seen to people interested in culture and allows them to take a piece of art back to their “normal” life.

Artmod designs and develops extraordinary gifts and souvenirs, which offer more, exclusively for special occasions such as jubilees, building and business openings, for companies as part of city advertising, for museum and hotel shops.

The people behind the Artmod concept are Annette Bräuer-Wittek and Rainer Wittek, with their creativity, knowledge of materials and extensive experience over many years in fashion purchasing and architecture.

An English version of the online shop is being developed. Interested people and customers from non-German-speaking countries are referred to the contact form, on which all questions concerning the products, prices and shipping can be made in English, and which will be answered by Artmod in English.

Overseas orders are only processed after payment (bank transfer). No additional fees are charged for payments from foreign banks within the EU if the customer enters the IBAN and BIC codes as Artmod bank details. Without these codes, the bank charges Artmod a processing fee which is forwarded to the customer.

For deliveries to non-EU member states, prices are reduced by Artmod by the German VAT included in the price. The customer then becomes liable for VAT and any import duty, if applicable.

For overseas deliveries, the actual postage costs are charged as well as postage and packing. These amounts shall be notified to the customer in advance by telephone or E-mail.

The Concept